All new homes, extensions, renovations and additions are required to meet a minimum energy efficiency standard. Our assessors conduct home energy ratings using computer simulations to assess the potential thermal comfort of your home.
The assessment will indicate the additional performance requirements to the homes external building fabric including glazing to achieve the required energy efficiency standard.

Building a home is a major investment and there is a misguided perception that an energy efficient home adds to these costs. However any home can be easily designed to achieve a higher rating with little or no additional cost.

Our Assessors are a professional group of experienced licensed builders and are therefore proficient in building procedures. Our priority is to provide practical and cost efficient advice to best meet the requirements of each individual assessment. We welcome discussions with our clients and recommend alternative solutions as well as provide information about numerous products on the market and their application in order to make your project more cost effective, time efficient and achieve the maximum rating possible.

Residential Fees Start from $ 165.00